rise AOV
higher website conversion rates
average visit time and pages

Incorporate videos in a customized and stylish manner

A collection of professional templates that can be tailored to match your brand's design.

Engage with customers directly through videos

Create shoppable videos to increase conversions into purchases. Capture attention with videos and provide the opportunity for direct actions: buy, book, call, or email.

Supercharge your page load speed

Bid farewell to worries about video-induced page load speed. We lead the way in smart loading, guaranteeing that your top-notch videos seamlessly enhance your performance.

Get up and running in just one hour

Set up automations effortlessly, connect your store and channels with just a click, and hit inbox zero in just 7 days! Enjoy hands-on support from our team every step of the way.

Mobile adaptive

All templates are mobile-friendly. Plus, leverage different videos for mobile and desktop users—horizontal for the desktop and vertical for the mobile experience.


Infuse your video blocks with brand colors and theme fonts for a personalized touch.


Swap out website videos effortlessly with just a few clicks, daily if you wish!

Speed optimized

Preserve your website's page speed even with multiple videos on it.

Real-time statistics

Identify the most impactful videos based on internal statistics regarding views and engagement.

Leading integrations

Integrate directly with best-in-class tools your team uses every day to create dynamic and rich shopping experiences.


Customers trust as key mission

Don’t just take our word for it

“This app looks rad! Video is a huge sales driver in ecommerce and a great way to differentiate your store and products from the competition. Making it easy to include and embed is awesome, nice work!”

Anthony Latona
5x Founder, Former CMO

“Just had to drop a note after checking out Koosh - what a game-changer in transforming static websites into dynamic experiences! The concept of turning ordinary websites into interactive video wonders without the need for developers is genius. I love the Apple-like store vibes and the seamless creative video embedding. It's a breath of fresh air to see a SaaS solution that doesn't demand massive budgets. Cheers to the Future of Interactive Websites!”

Istiak Ahmad

“This application looks lovely. Video is a huge sales driver in ecommerce and a great way to differentiate your store and products from the competition. Making it easy to include and embed is awesome.”

Adebayo Ayeni

“It's such a game-changer for non-techies like me, transforming websites into stunning, interactive experiences effortlessly. Excited to see how it boosts conversions with its seamless video embedding feature!”

Gleb Shalimov

“Congrats with the launch! Loved the stunning video galleries. Pretty amazing how it loads fast 👍”

Eldar Galiev
Digital expert

“A big job was done. Now, it's a way to establish this fancy and simple builder for the world!”

Stanley Satyukov
CEO & Founder Jampad

“Love the utility and creativity. I’ll be playing around with this one to test its full potential.”

Larry Hartman

“Awesome! I'm gonna suggest it to our clients. Food looks much better this way. Congrats on this launch!”

Luca Repetto
Digital specialist